‘It’s time to give back’: Local restaurant hosts free Thanksgiving meal
Community comes together to help with event

Queen’s Cafe owners Ron Hill and Yi Tien Hsieh (a.k.a. Tammy) say it’s time they give back.
The pair will be hosting a free Thanksgiving dinner on Monday for those experiencing poverty during the holidays.
They say they’ve reached out to shelters and advocacy services to let them know about the event. So far about 60 people have confirmed, but they hope more will come out.

Since starting the event, people have been coming out in droves to show their support through donations and volunteer hours.

“So far so good, we’ve been getting busier and busier every week, just from word of mouth (and talk on line),” he says.

Hill’s mother Margaret Smith volunteered to help organize and do outreach, wait-staff have donated their time, even a couple high-schoolers have offered to pitch in.

“We actually had to turn away volunteers,” says Smith — the 10 table restaurant can only handle so many people.

Wilson Fire Security was another large donor, gifting 10 fresh turkeys to the restaurant. Winnie Hair Salon also donated.

“There should be no shortage of food, that’s for sure,” says Hill.

Yi Tien says any leftovers will be brought to local first responders, who might have to work on the day.

Queen’s Cafe, which has been open for a little over a year, focuses on casual dining with a homespun touch. Yi Tien says everything is made in house.

“It’s time to give back to the community because we’ve received so much from (them),” says Yi Tien.

The restaurant will put on three servings between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 14.

by Jonathan Duncan

Jonathan  is a reporter with the Guelph Mercury Tribune.
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